Thursday, 17 November 2011

Diplomacy Is Absolutely Necessary- The Social Media Experience

When someone chooses to become part of a Paranormal Investigation Team, the first thing they think of is to get the news of their work out there in the world.  The easiest way to do this is to use Social Media tools to do so.  There are quick notifications like Twitter, or socialization tools like Facebook.  Plus you can create a website or blog.

No matter what you choose I would like to give a bit of advice.  Every word you put out there on the internet is like a contract with the public.  Please....always think of how you may look if you spite someone in public. Talk about your passion, your experience, and your interest.   Don't use your forum to lay siege on someone else's theories.  If you are working to disprove a theory be diplomatic and  praise the other theorist for starting the ball rolling.  Explain how they inspired you to take your path into the work.  You should never run down anyone, or the validity of your work will fall short in folk's eyes.

Support is very important when you do Paranormal Investigations.  You want those who read your work to be as enthusiastic as you are.  You may inspire someone to try it out too.  You may even meet some new folks, or get to work with someone who is awesome because you wrote something that stimulated their interest in your work.  It does not matter how much great stuff you write about your passion of Paranormal will always be remembered for the negative slur you made about someone, or the negative comment you made belittling another's work.

Treat folks on the internet kindly, and if you cannot be kind. Say nothing.
I know commentators can be horrible too.  You do not have to come down to their level, you can just delete the negative stuff if it effects you, or to make it even easier......don't allow comments at all.