Thursday, 24 October 2013

The World Is Moving In High Speed

I have had the whirl wind of a summer and a tornado of a fall.  All positive stuff for sure.  I opened two businesses in the realm of my knowledge and I just secured my own radio show.  I am very very excited that I get to talk to people and embrace anything Beyond The Mundane.  Yep.....and the radio show is called Beyond The Mundane.  It is on satellite radio live365 under classic rock stations, then you look for realityradio101.  You can also listen online to 

My lovely co-host is Randi St. Claire.  She is also an expert in spiritual development and psychic development.  She teaches in Canada and the USA.

We are "The Chakra Jockies"- Over The Wall, Under The Wall and Thru The Wall.  Embracing everything Body, Mind, Spirit, Wellness and Wholeness.  Basically anything that can make our life better.

I am certain it is going to be a bit wacky.  I cannot see it being anything but.  We have interests in things for sure, but holy monkey we know nothing about some of the stuff we want to talk about.  We want to really hear from the experts and then decide if it is for us or not.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Updates On The Book

Well it has been almost a year since I updated.  By now I thought we would have the book out and everyone would be able to critique it and let me know how they enjoyed it.

Life does not always give you roses.  Unfortunately my serious shoulder injury stopped me in my tracks, from continuing the edit process.  The good news is that in June 2012 I had orthopedic surgery to rebuild my split labrum and partially severed biceps tendon.  The rehab was rough.

On January 1st 2013 I finally got full rotation in my shoulder and I have been strengthening it for the past two months.

Now I can get back to my work.

In the mean time I have been able to attach to a great Spiritualist community in my new town.
I am also hooking up with a Paranormal Dinner theatre and doing psychometry during the show to the audience.

It is great to be able to get back to work.  It was difficult to move to another city while injured, then be under strict orders to do nothing with my arm for three months, then to rehab it in physio for six months.

I am hoping we will see a Summer 2013 release for the book, at a Chapters near you!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Dragging My Butt

I have editors block.  At the moment my life is so crazy I can find a million other things to do besides be certain I am happy with my final copy of the book.  This is only my edit.  There will be three other edits where I will have to listen to suggestions of others whom I have asked to critique the book, and at least one through the publisher before the copy editor.

I thought I could multitask well while tearing apart my home to ready for a move, but it became apparent that cannot happen.  With just weeks away before the move the anxiety of the preparation is getting to me.  I feel I spend more time thinking about furniture placement, and where to store what, and whether to buy this or that, and less time on packing, picking through the last dregs of miscellaneous items and throwing out some more stuff I guarantee I don't need.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

February And The Grass Is Green

Being a Canadian used to the change in climate with each season, I find myself like the little creature outside....confused as heck!  Should I be hibernating or should I be out leaping in the fields?

It is February.  Usually our coldest month.....but today the grass is showing signs of green life and the leaves left on the ground are dry and there is no snow.  February is storm month.  Bad snow storms that bring several feet of snow and close roads and create snow days and make us very happy about skiing.  Alas we have had near zero snow.  The frost in the ground only lasts as long as it is cold, and is gone with the first rain.  No deep whore-frost this is a mad winter drought. The energy of the land around me is very low.  It is not good.  We depend on stasis to survive winter here.  With no stasis the energy gets zapped out of the land.

I am feeling it.  My body wants to sleep.  It is the time I need to be most productive and it wants to reserve energy.  I honestly never thought I would see me complaining we needed it colder and whiter here.  Now I realize that my body is so attuned with this land in Canada that it is really suffering over the drought.  I bet many of you are experiencing the same thing.  What are you doing to combat the winter bla's ? Please leave me a comment on the Book Fanpage and let me know what you are doing to combat the winter bla's.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Diplomacy Is Absolutely Necessary- The Social Media Experience

When someone chooses to become part of a Paranormal Investigation Team, the first thing they think of is to get the news of their work out there in the world.  The easiest way to do this is to use Social Media tools to do so.  There are quick notifications like Twitter, or socialization tools like Facebook.  Plus you can create a website or blog.

No matter what you choose I would like to give a bit of advice.  Every word you put out there on the internet is like a contract with the public.  Please....always think of how you may look if you spite someone in public. Talk about your passion, your experience, and your interest.   Don't use your forum to lay siege on someone else's theories.  If you are working to disprove a theory be diplomatic and  praise the other theorist for starting the ball rolling.  Explain how they inspired you to take your path into the work.  You should never run down anyone, or the validity of your work will fall short in folk's eyes.

Support is very important when you do Paranormal Investigations.  You want those who read your work to be as enthusiastic as you are.  You may inspire someone to try it out too.  You may even meet some new folks, or get to work with someone who is awesome because you wrote something that stimulated their interest in your work.  It does not matter how much great stuff you write about your passion of Paranormal will always be remembered for the negative slur you made about someone, or the negative comment you made belittling another's work.

Treat folks on the internet kindly, and if you cannot be kind. Say nothing.
I know commentators can be horrible too.  You do not have to come down to their level, you can just delete the negative stuff if it effects you, or to make it even easier......don't allow comments at all.