Thursday, 17 November 2011

Diplomacy Is Absolutely Necessary- The Social Media Experience

When someone chooses to become part of a Paranormal Investigation Team, the first thing they think of is to get the news of their work out there in the world.  The easiest way to do this is to use Social Media tools to do so.  There are quick notifications like Twitter, or socialization tools like Facebook.  Plus you can create a website or blog.

No matter what you choose I would like to give a bit of advice.  Every word you put out there on the internet is like a contract with the public.  Please....always think of how you may look if you spite someone in public. Talk about your passion, your experience, and your interest.   Don't use your forum to lay siege on someone else's theories.  If you are working to disprove a theory be diplomatic and  praise the other theorist for starting the ball rolling.  Explain how they inspired you to take your path into the work.  You should never run down anyone, or the validity of your work will fall short in folk's eyes.

Support is very important when you do Paranormal Investigations.  You want those who read your work to be as enthusiastic as you are.  You may inspire someone to try it out too.  You may even meet some new folks, or get to work with someone who is awesome because you wrote something that stimulated their interest in your work.  It does not matter how much great stuff you write about your passion of Paranormal will always be remembered for the negative slur you made about someone, or the negative comment you made belittling another's work.

Treat folks on the internet kindly, and if you cannot be kind. Say nothing.
I know commentators can be horrible too.  You do not have to come down to their level, you can just delete the negative stuff if it effects you, or to make it even easier......don't allow comments at all.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Interesting People That I Work With

The "Three Musketeers" (or as we fondly call ourselves..."The Three Stooges").

Myself and two other great women are all sensitive to energy in different ways. Both of the other girls: Tere and Robin are lead investigators. We each bring a different perspective to the work.  I am all in the spirit realm for our investigations together because I know the girls have all the other energy stuff covered, so I am more at ease when I work in this team.

Robin is a historian, and a bit of a techno-geek.  She will know ever scrap of information about a place before we start. She is always armed with a GPS, Survey maps, printouts on Deeds and new histories from the place. Tere is a dowser.  She has a pendulum with her at all times.  She will help me if I need a bit more energy to pull info from a place's vibration.  Tere is also armed with an SLR camera.  She shoots tons of photos.

It is a guarantee we each will have a recording device.  Each one is different. So we can get a well rounded field of recordings.  We each will have a note pad as well.

The hidden participant (because he may not always be at an investigation, but his devices are at them) is John.  John is an investigator that is our inventor as well.  He is also a techno-geek.  He is really good at what he does.....Why?  Well it is because he doesn't just create a device.  He creates it with an idea that it has to be able to capture information that we could not capture before, or could not capture well before.  He addresses problems.  He looks at ways to disprove something as well as prove it.  It is way easier to disprove something using technical means.  Once he does that, it removes lots of data we don't need.  Then we can concentrate on the stuff that's left.  Once the data that is left is analyzed, John doesn't just accept the info we have left as important.....he then finds a way to break that information down so we are not just using a vague Sherlock Holmes type of reasoning to accept the end-products as fact.  He takes that data and rips it apart so we can find tangible evidence we could state is fact.  John's job is the most difficult.  He has to be able to get the real base data from a hodge-podge of sight and sound and then he has to figure out if he can re-create it in any way so it can be discarded.  Then he has to take the tiny pieces that seem tangible and prove how in different cases the results always end the same in specific types of events, and gather enough solid pieces of data in a list to be a history. Armed with enough evidence over enough time- those results change from hypothesis to fact based on productivity.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

I Am Nothing Without A Handler

I am not a lone duck when it comes to an investigation.  I am actually the third string when it comes to the work.  I usually get called in on the third round of an investigation at a location.  I usually have at least one AV tech with me.  My techs are my Husband and Sons.  These men of mine are industrious and extremely helpful to me, and I would be nothing without them.  Besides my guys there is always a whole team around me.  Usually a team leader, a historian, a secondary investigator, and perhaps more.  One of the team-usually the acting team lead is also my handler.

Without the Handler I am nothing.  The handler makes sure I am asking important questions.  They make sure I get to all of the places where the sightings have been occurring.

What you don't know is...I go into every investigation blind.  I don't read books on hauntings.  I don't read newspaper articles or listen to local shows on hauntings.  I don't study the history of hauntings in places I investigate.  

My handler helps me be a detective investigating the scene of the haunting without bias.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Did You Know That Psychics Can See In The Dark?

Many years ago when I was doing an investigation I lead the way through the building.  It was dark and the crew behind me had on night vision equipment.  I was asked how I could walk through the darkness unaided?  My answer was so simple.

"I am seeing through the eyes of the spirit, and they are showing me day time."

Thursday, 10 November 2011

My Friends Call Me Lynn

There is another person in my family named Elsie, so I have always been called Lynn.  No secret I use my middle name...but I certainly don't talk about that much.  I will answer to both.
My friends call my Lynn.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

It Has To Begin Somewhere

At the end of 2010 I made a commitment to my colleagues at PSICAN to come up with an academic presentation to talk about my role as the Medium Consultant.  At first I was going to be on a platform with a group of folks whom I felt were much better qualified to be considered an authority on our science than myself, so I took the job quite seriously.

The date was originally set for Oct 1st, 2011.  In early 2011 it became apparent that the date would not hold as two of our authorities were scheduled to speak at conference on the same weekend.  So the date became fluid.  It was about this time I realized that I actually had a fair amount to say in my presentation, and being a bit anal about having written work to go with my talk I considered printing a booklet.  The booklet grew, and before I knew it I was looking at a book.

Now I am finishing the book. I have a publisher, but I have put off a solid date for the presentation, and I am now at the stage of setting up for publication.  Once the book is published it will be available in International Distribution and in e-book in all formats.