Tuesday, 15 November 2011

I Am Nothing Without A Handler

I am not a lone duck when it comes to an investigation.  I am actually the third string when it comes to the work.  I usually get called in on the third round of an investigation at a location.  I usually have at least one AV tech with me.  My techs are my Husband and Sons.  These men of mine are industrious and extremely helpful to me, and I would be nothing without them.  Besides my guys there is always a whole team around me.  Usually a team leader, a historian, a secondary investigator, and perhaps more.  One of the team-usually the acting team lead is also my handler.

Without the Handler I am nothing.  The handler makes sure I am asking important questions.  They make sure I get to all of the places where the sightings have been occurring.

What you don't know is...I go into every investigation blind.  I don't read books on hauntings.  I don't read newspaper articles or listen to local shows on hauntings.  I don't study the history of hauntings in places I investigate.  

My handler helps me be a detective investigating the scene of the haunting without bias.