Thursday, 24 October 2013

The World Is Moving In High Speed

I have had the whirl wind of a summer and a tornado of a fall.  All positive stuff for sure.  I opened two businesses in the realm of my knowledge and I just secured my own radio show.  I am very very excited that I get to talk to people and embrace anything Beyond The Mundane.  Yep.....and the radio show is called Beyond The Mundane.  It is on satellite radio live365 under classic rock stations, then you look for realityradio101.  You can also listen online to 

My lovely co-host is Randi St. Claire.  She is also an expert in spiritual development and psychic development.  She teaches in Canada and the USA.

We are "The Chakra Jockies"- Over The Wall, Under The Wall and Thru The Wall.  Embracing everything Body, Mind, Spirit, Wellness and Wholeness.  Basically anything that can make our life better.

I am certain it is going to be a bit wacky.  I cannot see it being anything but.  We have interests in things for sure, but holy monkey we know nothing about some of the stuff we want to talk about.  We want to really hear from the experts and then decide if it is for us or not.