Wednesday, 8 February 2012

February And The Grass Is Green

Being a Canadian used to the change in climate with each season, I find myself like the little creature outside....confused as heck!  Should I be hibernating or should I be out leaping in the fields?

It is February.  Usually our coldest month.....but today the grass is showing signs of green life and the leaves left on the ground are dry and there is no snow.  February is storm month.  Bad snow storms that bring several feet of snow and close roads and create snow days and make us very happy about skiing.  Alas we have had near zero snow.  The frost in the ground only lasts as long as it is cold, and is gone with the first rain.  No deep whore-frost this is a mad winter drought. The energy of the land around me is very low.  It is not good.  We depend on stasis to survive winter here.  With no stasis the energy gets zapped out of the land.

I am feeling it.  My body wants to sleep.  It is the time I need to be most productive and it wants to reserve energy.  I honestly never thought I would see me complaining we needed it colder and whiter here.  Now I realize that my body is so attuned with this land in Canada that it is really suffering over the drought.  I bet many of you are experiencing the same thing.  What are you doing to combat the winter bla's ? Please leave me a comment on the Book Fanpage and let me know what you are doing to combat the winter bla's.