Sunday, 25 March 2012

Dragging My Butt

I have editors block.  At the moment my life is so crazy I can find a million other things to do besides be certain I am happy with my final copy of the book.  This is only my edit.  There will be three other edits where I will have to listen to suggestions of others whom I have asked to critique the book, and at least one through the publisher before the copy editor.

I thought I could multitask well while tearing apart my home to ready for a move, but it became apparent that cannot happen.  With just weeks away before the move the anxiety of the preparation is getting to me.  I feel I spend more time thinking about furniture placement, and where to store what, and whether to buy this or that, and less time on packing, picking through the last dregs of miscellaneous items and throwing out some more stuff I guarantee I don't need.